Temporary No Parking for Moving, Container Placement & Dumpster Placement Application City of Philadelphia
Streets Department
Highway Division - Right-of-Way Unit
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia,PA 19102-1676

Please read the following before submitting your application:
  • This application system is only to be used for obtaining a permit to occupy space on a City street for your moving truck, moving container, or temporary dumpster.
  • Only apply for one (1) address per permit; if you apply for multiple addresses per permit, then only the first address listed will be processed.
  • Only apply for one (1) permit per address; if you apply for multiple permits per address, then the processing time will double.
  • The ROW Unit (responsible for processing these applications) requires a minimum of four (4) full business days of notice in order to process your application; the system will not accept applications of "short-notice".
  • We process applications in chronological order of approaching move dates, due to the volume of applications received by this office; if you applied more than a week ahead of your move, then you will generally be contacted within about five (5) business days before your move date.
  • Please be patient while we process your application. We respectfully request that you hold off on contacting us until your move is less than 3 days away, and you have not yet been contacted. At that point, we appreciate you letting us know if your application has not yet been processed.
  • The process follows these steps:
  1. Once you have completed and submitted your application, a ROW Unit Reviewer will process your application and contact you via email or telephone, with either an invoice for you to pay or a request for more information.
  2. Once you have received your invoice, you must pay online* via credit card or debit card, by visiting the Payment Center link on your invoice and entering the reference numbers shown on your invoice (upper right part of page). *An invoice can also be paid by the other methods listed on the invoice.
  3. Once you have paid your invoice, shortly thereafter a ROW Unit Reviewer will verify payment and issue the final permit, which you may print and take to your local Police District Headquarters(find yours by clicking the link and entering your address).
  4. The local Police District will give you "Temporary No Parking" signs to post for the duration of your permit. Be sure to post the signs at least 24 hours before your move or as soon as possible after you have received your permit. If signs were posted in advance and someone is parked in your zone during your permit dates, then contact your Police District to request the vehicle be issued a ticket, after which point it may be towed.
  • The fees are as follows:
  • Moving Truck = $50.00 (Center City and University City) and $25.00 (All other areas), per 40 feet of space, per day (40 feet of space is the equivalent of two (2) parking spaces)
  • Moving/Portable Storage Container = $50.00, per container (maximum of 5 calendar days).
  • Temporary Dumpster = $40.00, per dumpster (maximum of 7 calendar days).
  • The following information is required:
  • The correct spelling of your first and last name.
  • The exact address** where this move or container/dumpster placement is going to occur. **The original requested permit location is subject to change due to local area restrictions and places where there is no legal parking or loading zones only.
  • The length of the moving truck or the number of moving containers/dumpsters.
  • If you are moving, then provide the earliest time you will begin your move and the latest time you will finish your move.
  • A working cell phone number, for the best person to contact regarding the application/permit.
  • A valid email address, so that we may email you an invoice for payment.
  • If you paid your invoice, but did not receive the permit in time or your move or someone parked in your zone, then you may complete and submit a Refund Petition Form(follow instruction on the form). Be advised that the burden of proof is on you and only requests that have demonstrated a clear non-use of the permit will be approved.
  • Thank you for reading all of those informative instructions!