Temporary No Parking for Moving, Container Placement & Dumpster Placement Application City of Philadelphia
Streets Department
Highway Division - Right-of-Way Unit
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia,PA 19102-1676

Please read the following before submitting your application:
  • Please fill out the application in order to obtain a permit to use space on a City street for your move.
  • Please only apply once per address. If you apply more than once per address the processing time will double.
  • The fee for a moving truck will be $25.00 per 40 feet of space, per day. 40 feet of space is the equivalent of two (2) parking spaces.
  • The fee for a moving or portable storage container is $40.00 per container (maximum of 5 calendar days).
  • The fee for a dumpster is $40.00 (maximum of 7 calendar days).
  • The Streets Department Right of Way Unit will require a minimum of four (4) full business days of notice in order to process your request. Due to the volume of requests received by this office, the processing time may be more than 4 business days.
  • Once your application is complete and submitted, the Right of Way unit will review your information and contact you via telephone or e-mail with an invoice for payment or a request for more information.
  • Please supply the following information: All Items Are Required
  1. The correct spelling of your first and last name.
  2. The address where the move or container placement is taking place.
  3. The length of the moving truck or the number of moving containers/dumpsters .
  4. If you are moving, the earliest time you will begin your move and the latest you will finish.
  5. A cell phone number for the duration of the permit
  6. A valid e-mail address so we may e-mail you an invoice for payment.
  • Payment can be made online by credit or debit card after you receive your invoice.
  • After payment is made, you may print out a copy of your permit and take it to the nearest Police District. They will give you Temporary No Parking signs you can post for the duration of your permit. Please post the signs a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time or as soon as possible after receiving your permit.
  • If you are physically unable to place signs or you are moving in from outside the Philadelphia area, please contact us via e-mail after you receive your invoice and we will supply information on how the signs will be posted.